Frequently Asked Questions

The Seach process is well underway, and the dedicated members of our Search Committee are working hard. Please see the answers below to answer some of your questions. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the time table for the search?

At this point, we can’t predict an exact timeline. A detailed checklist can be found on this website.  Check marks indicate work that is completed.  The timeline will be updated regularly so you can follow our progress.

What will the Baggott's role be in the process?

Bob and Casey have no official role in the search process.  However, they have graciously agreed to be a resource, if requested by the Search Committee Chair.   

Is the Search Committee searching for one minister, or two?

The Search Committee is searching only for a Senior Minister. Once he or she is hired, the bylaws give the Senior Minister the privilege and responsibility to hire other ministers, such as an Executive Minister.

How was the Search Committee chosen?

The nine-person committee was nominated by a three-person transition team, appointed by the Church Moderator. The appointment was subsequently approved by the Church Council, in accordance with the church’s bylaws.

Will the search be limited to UCC ministers?

No. According to Community Church bylaws, Article XII, the Senior Minister must be ordained and in good standing in any recognized Christian denomination, as well as having appropriate education and training. He or she will complete a process to obtain UCC standing within a year of being hired.

Who will make the final decision in choosing our next Senior Minister?

In accordance with Community Church Bylaws, “The Senior Minister shall be elected by a two-thirds majority of the members present at an annual meeting or a special meeting called for that purpose.”(Article XII, Section 3)

Search Committee members will visit the final candidate in his or her home environment, and all Church members will have an opportunity to hear the candidate preach in our sanctuary on a Sunday morning prior to voting.

What is the role of the Transition Team?

The Transition Team is an available resource to the Search Committee. They will handle more of the details outside the scope of the actual search once the Search Committee makes its recommendation. They will also be helpful in celebrating the Baggotts' retirement and welcoming the new Senior Minister.

I know someone who wants to apply for the position – what should he or she do?

Candidates interested in the position should visit this page to learn more and apply.

If a candidate holds UCC standing and has completed a validated ministerial profile, he or she can e-mail Dana Ney at , and request their profile be sent to the search committee.

How can I help?

There are several ways you can help support the search process:

If you have questions or concerns, you can see a member of the Search Committee. These nine church members are available on Sunday mornings or by email or phone (contact information is on the website).

You can express your support and thanks to the church staff, who are continuing to work together to keep all systems working smoothly during this period of transition.

You can continue your support of the church during this transition with your gifts of time, talent and tithe.

You can pray that the Search Committee is guided by God’s wisdom and grace to a candidate who is yet unknown to us but known to God.