School of Christian Living

A school that engages the whole person --intellect, passion and spirit -- seeking to form a meaningful way of being Christian and putting your Christian faith into practice in the world.

REGIATER FOR SESSIONS by contacting the church office at 772-562-3633 or .

Tuesday, Oct 15 through Tuesday, Nov 19
3:30 to 5:00 pm
Meeting in Room 204, the Education Building

Join in the upcoming 6-week class based on Parker J. Palmer’s book, ON the BRINK of EVERYTHING, led by Elaine Matthes, Ministry Associate. We will use Parker Palmer’s book as the basis of this discussion time.

Are you “on the brink” of something new in your life but not sure what it is? Are you feeling called to make some changes but don’t know where to begin? Come join a group that can support you in this new journey.

Books may be purchased on-line at if you wish to have your own copy. For more information contact Elaine at 772-469-2309 or