A college scholarship for active youth members of Community Church
August 24, 2021

The John J. & Robert D. Post Scholarship will be awarded annually to one or more active youth members of The Community Church of Vero Beach, Florida, attending an accredited college or university. This undergraduate scholarship award will consist of financial aid paid semiannually directly to the winner. The amount and number of individual awards will be determined annually by the Scholarship Committee. Failure to maintain academic eligibility (2.5 grade point average) and/or any probationary offenses, as set forth by the attending college, will automatically cancel the scholarship award. Each scholarship winner is responsible for submitting his/her transcript and documentation that they are remaining a full-time student at the end of each semester.

The criteria to be considered for the scholarship award include the following:

  • An active member of The Community Church of Vero Beach.
  • Engaged in church activities during the past four years or for as long as one has been a member (minimum of two years).
  • Participant in community and school related activities fostering individual growth, leadership and commitment
  • Achieved a minimum 2.5 grade point (or equivalent) average
  • Other committed financial resources (i.e. other scholarships, financial aid, student loans, college job, summer work earnings, etc.)
  • The Scholarship Committee may at its sole discretion consider extraordinary factors in awarding scholarships.

The Scholarship Committee will review all applications and then determine and notify the candidates it desires to interview. Those candidates not chosen for an interview will be so notified. The Scholarship Committee will determine the individuals to receive the awards and the amount of each award.

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