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Prayers of the People September 9, 2018

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Based on Luke 9:28-35


With gratitude and with humility we have come today, God, to offer you our gifts.  We hope that they demonstrate our participation in your dreams for our world – where those with too little may be satisfied, and those with enough may share willingly and generously.  May all we do and all we give, bring you pleasure.

For we are reminded today that you took great pleasure in your Son, Jesus.  And you have asked us to listen to him.  Help us, day by day, to listen for his voice in every way it may come to us… in the smiles, the laughter, the cries, the pleas, of all those we meet… in the music that washes over and through us… in the moments of quiet reflection and prayer that help us hear his words to us.  Help us to learn to turn consistently toward your son to witness what is most holy in life.  Uncloud our vision and show us the dazzling brilliance of love made flesh.

And give us courage, dear God, to face the fullness that life offers us: both bright mountain-top moments and walks through the dark valleys.  Help us to face our own seasons of darkness and defeat, knowing, by faith, that though clouds may overshadow us – or those we love – yet your love shines through to encourage us, and to instill the confidence we need to believe that ultimately, your light for the world shall not be overcome.  It cannot be overcome by poverty, or illness, or grief, or terrorism, or war.  For your goodness shines through, even these hardships.  Make us appreciative and attentive to all the ways you offer to uphold us.  Grant us the gift of awe before your grace.

And help us, through your transformative spirit, to become, like your beloved Son, open people, whose inner goodness is readily visible, a mirror of your own bright and shining image.  Keep us mindful always of the identity with which we have been imprinted and the high calling that accompanies it – we are your beloved children.  Let our lives sing with joy at that awareness. 

Now hear us, O God, as we use the very words that your beloved son taught us, as we say together … The Lord’s Prayer.