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Prayers of the People September 2, 2018

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Giving God, we have come to this table set by Christ, like so many generations before us, and you have filled us with so much more than bread and wine.  Here we have felt Christ’s presence, and experienced again our enduring and mysterious connection to him and to one another. 

So let us take from here today our fill of the goodness he offers to every life: the goodness that comes from deepening our relationships to those we love, the goodness that comes from appreciation for all we’ve been given, the goodness that comes from widening the scope of our compassion and reaching out to serve others, the goodness that comes from knowing there is real meaning to this life and an important purpose to our living, the goodness that comes from sharing Christ’s path, and allowing his destiny to determine our own.

When we lose our bearings, God, when we lose hope or lose faith, when we question our place and our purpose, when we expect big rewards but have offered only small investments of ourselves, teach us again the great value you place on us, and the high and demanding call you have extended to us: to be witnesses to the love of Christ, by being his church in the world.  We acknowledge the blessing and the burden of this calling, this work, and the labors it demands.  We ask your forgiveness for all the times we have failed at our sacred work, to love with genuineness, as Christ did.

And so we pray you will direct us now toward fulfilling your dreams for us.  And help us grow into the people which you crafted us to become, increasing in us, day by day, O God, the capacity for awe, the willingness to wonder, the sincerity of honesty, the certainty of our hope and trust in you.  Let all we are and all we do help bring meaning and goodness, redemption and restoration.  Let our work be life-sustaining and creative in your pattern.  We pray these things in the name of the One who calls us to share his life and his work, each and every day.  And using his words of prayer, we sing together now … The Lord’s Prayer.