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Prayers of the People October 13, 2019

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Based on Philippians 2:1-5 

Eternal, patient God, you sustain the vast web of life that makes our lives possible.  Keep us humbly mindful of our privileged place, and keep us thankful for every possibility you offer.  Accept the gifts of gratitude which we have brought to you this day.  Let your spirit guide their flow from our hands to hands in greatest need. We pray our gifts may make possible blessing and goodness where they are lacking now. 

We pray today for the needs and concerns of people we cannot name or know.  We pray for the sick, the lonely, the angry, the bitter, the discouraged, the grieving, the poor, and the abandoned.  We trust that your healing touch may be brought to those in need whenever we are moved to give, to love, to serve, to soothe.  So guide us all to discern where your healing touch could be offered, we pray, and let compassion and generosity spur our desire to bring our assistance.

We also we pray for our own dear ones and our friends.  And knowing that you care for us, we even dare to pray for ourselves.  We ask that we may grow in depth as Christ’s faithful.  We ask that we may bravely show forth our true colors, as we humbly follow in a long line of believers.  We follow in recognition of the privilege of being among Christ’s people, taking his path for so many reasons.  We follow him because we are awed that he has “skin in the game,” having lived among us.  We follow him because we aren’t here to just remodel ourselves but to lose ourselves in service to you and to others.  We follow him because we know that our personal stories find fulfillment in Christ’s story.  We follow him because he holds us in his patient, forgiving love. 

And so, as Christ’s steady followers, we pray that day by day we all may draw a bit closer to unity in Christ, a bit nearer to being of one mind and heart, a bit dearer to God because of our growing love for one another.  We pray these things in hope and in faithfulness to the one we call our Savior, Jesus Christ.  Hear us as we say together his words:  The Lord’s Prayer …  Amen.