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Prayers of the People May 26, 2019

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Based on Isaiah 40: 27-31

Giving God, receive our gifts today, and may this offering be a step in our own growth of generosity to all, developing in us an open-heartedness and open-handedness that mirrors your own.

We acknowledge, Eternal God, that seasons pass in our lives, yet you remain constant – a generous, reliable, and trusted friend.  And so we ask that you might lend to us the breadth of your vision and the depth of your wisdom as we face the needs of our world.  We pray for people across the earth who are embroiled in disruptive and disorienting political or personal turmoil.  Let them find paths to a future that is sustaining, stable, supportive.  We pray for the people of our Midwestern states, whose lives have been drenched by rain and threatened by floodwaters.  Let them rebuild with hope and confidence that their losses can be overcome, as they labor under your care and guidance.

And we pray for our neighbors, our family, and our friends, God, those who share our lives and touch our hearts.  Some of them are ill or lost, lonely or angry, hurt or confused.  We trust that you are the source of all healing, and so we ask that those we love, in need of your healing touch, be restored and renewed.  If we can convey your comfort, give us the right words to speak and the fitting acts to demonstrate your care.  If we can provide guidance, give us the foresight to lead with both gentleness and conviction in a better direction.  May we serve to offer your life-changing love where it is needed most.

And finally, God, we pray for our own concerns and our own needs.  You know the joys and successes we have enjoyed.  You know the difficulties we may face.  Teach us in all circumstances to look to you with trust, certain that because of your presence in our lives, no obstacle will ultimately thwart us.  For as we patiently trust in you, O God, we shall renew our strength, we shall soar with wings like eagles, we shall run and not weary, we shall walk and not faint. 

Hear this prayer which we bring today in the name of Christ, the one who has taught us how much is possible, when we simply follow him.  We offer you now the words of prayer he has taught us to say: The Lord’s Prayer.