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Prayers of the People March 4, 2017

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Based on John 3:1-13, Nicodemus

God, whose table is open to all, and who feeds your people with a feast of compassion and love, we are grateful.  We pray that those most in need of your tender and healing care may find their way to this table.  May all who find themselves unsettled, unsure, or unwell seek what you and your spirit can provide. 

And today, O God, we admit that though we, too, have need of your help and healing, it is sometimes hard for us to seek you for insight and answers.  Like Nicodemus, we may at times come only hesitantly to you in the quiet of the night, with our many questions and uncertainties.  Urge us to stretch beyond any tendency to remain comfortably in the dark.  Summon us to you, and bid us come openly, in light of day – where we still may not find our every question answered, but where we may instead be challenged to grow by the questions which deep faithfulness poses.  Use our alert and inquiring minds to teach us what you would have us know. 

Let us ask ourselves if we have been inquisitive enough to have learned anything new about you, or been compassionate enough to take on anyone else’s problems, or been thankful enough for the gift of Christ that our lives are infused with fresh joy.  Let these be the questions faith asks of us --- drawing us sturdily forward.  

We ask these things with gratitude that your spirit blows where it will – and that on the breeze of your love, all things are made new.  Revive us and renew us today and every day, as if with new birth.  For we come with the desire to be remade in Christ’s image each morning.  As his followers, we pray together now in his very words of prayer, as we sing them together …  Lord’s Prayer.