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Prayers of the People March 11, 2018

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We have brought these offerings to you, O God, in recognition that we are blessed each day and every minute by your generous care.  Let our gifts today be a way of conveying our thanks.  We place our offerings in your care, praying that in your hands they may relieve needs greater than our own. 

We acknowledge that you are the God of every people and place.  Your vision is eternal, the scope of your care, universal.  Help us to widen our perspectives, too, so that we care for places we have not been, and people we’ve never met, and dilemmas we may never have to face.  You so loved the world as to give yourself to it entirely.  May we care for all your creatures and all of your creation, too.

In concern for our sisters and brothers, everywhere, we pray for peace, for patience, for compassion.  May the young may be nurtured, and the old find their dreams’ fulfillment.  May each one find places where hopes sprout and bloom, where the promise of security and safety and stability is realized.

And we pray for our families and for our friends today.  We know there are those who grieve, those who are ill, those who are lonely or lost.  Where we see such needs in others, help us to be quick to respond.  And where needs are unknown to us, may there be others to step forward and serve in your name.

And lastly, eternal God, we pray for ourselves.  We pray that no matter what we have done or failed to have done, no matter what has slithered threateningly into our lives, that you will point us in confidence to the bright future which is the legacy of faith for each Christian.  If we are downhearted or discouraged, lift our eyes up to the cross and the promise that lies beyond it.  You have raised Jesus, and he has taught us that it is your will to raise and save all your people.  So keep the vision of the cross before us and the hope of your healing and salvation ever upon our minds and hearts.  We pray these things in the memory of the one who stepped from the cross into your eternal care, and bids us follow.  Using his words, we pray together now, saying … The Lord’s Prayer.