Prayers of the People

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Prayers of the People July 7, 2019

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based on Isaiah 43:1-3, 15-19 and 2 Corinthians 5:14-19

Wondrous God, we thank you for all the gifts by which you sustain us, and especially for the gifts of this table.  Our communion with you and one another heals us of our isolation, supports us with your goodness, and holds us all in your loving, all-embracing Spirit.

As we acknowledge the blessings you lavish upon us, we are mindful of those across the face of this world who are in need of help.  We pray for troubled places and troubled people.  We pray for all those who grieve today, or long for healing, or find themselves concerned for their family’s welfare, their children’s safety, their future dreams, their past mistakes.  We pray for the people of California, recovering from the devastation of the earthquake.  Let your healing presence wash over these troubles to renew strength and rebuild hope.  Restore, we pray, for all in need of it, the assurance that when they walk through the waters, they will not be overwhelmed.  When they walk through the fire they shall not be consumed, for you are with them and sustain them, eternally.

And we pray today for ourselves.  You know all the needs we have dear God – better, surely, than we do ourselves.  Keep us focused on worthy aims.  Keep us listening for the voice of your Son who calls us to follow him, promising fulfillment beyond our imagining.  Following him makes all the difference.    

So, let us drop everything else to which we cling – the false hopes, the dashed dreams, the sad illusions – and claim the wonderment of turning to him, the one who is ever ready to do new things among us and within us.  Let us change, by Christ’s beckoning, sending ripples of his love all around us, making a world of difference.  Sharing the bread and wine of Christ this day, we have already shared his confident spirit, and so we trustingly offer his prayer, as we sing his words together… The Lord's Prayer