Prayers of the People

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Prayers of the People January 27, 2019

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Based on Luke 4:14-21

Receive these, our gifts to you this day, God.  We give them in recognition of all that has been given to us, and with awareness of the responsibility that comes with such blessing.  Make us wise stewards of all you’ve entrusted to us, and keep us generous always, as you have been unfailingly generous to us.

Each of us has come here today with our own private, individual needs and concerns.  Yet by your Spirit we are drawn together.  We thank you for forging us into a single family, your family—as the very living Body of Christ.  Help us then, to work together effectively.  Help us to develop coordinated efforts to do Christ’s work in this world: bringing good news to the poor, releasing captives, restoring the sight of the blind, letting the oppressed go free. 

Let us carry on his work in meaningful ways.  Help us to sing for those with no voice, to give for those who have little, to believe for those who’ve lost faith, and to guide those who no longer know how to proceed.  And when we meet our limits in knowing how to help, let us turn trustingly and faithfully to you.  Let us then be simply the agents others require to be lifted prayerfully into your healing presence, where your love, that never lets us go, will be able to revive and restore.  Let us acknowledge that each person, all your children, are the finest of treasures, and worthy of our concern.

God, we offer you today our hopes and dreams - all that lies deep within us – with confidence that you hear us and respond.  After all, Jesus Christ, himself, has told us that the most profound longings - the prophets’ hopes of the ages - are fulfilled whenever we find ourselves in his presence.  Show us that we have the opportunity to encounter Christ's transformative, gracious, powerful, loving spirit today – enabling us to live life in the way he envisioned for us.

Mindful of the vast scope of Christ’s gifts to us we pray, using the words he taught his disciples to use, as we say together … the Lord’s Prayer.