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Prayers of the People December 23, 2018

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Based on Luke 1:39-45 ~ the Visitation 

Receive our thankful offering this morning, Eternal God, in this season of wonder and watching and waiting.  We’ve heard the haunting words of prophets, and we wondered at the long, rich history of promises made and fulfilled.  We’ve watched the symbols of your incarnation as they appear among us in wreath, tree, and crèche.  We know that earth’s redemption is your plan, and so now we wait.  We grow heavy with expectation.  Help us to prepare a fitting place for Christ’s presence among us as we wait. 

And let all our preparations demonstrate our appreciation for your great gifts to us.  Let us, in this season of giving, be willing to give of ourselves, and let our giving be guided by the pattern you offered – simple, humble, self-giving.  When our minds turn to the bustle of celebration, remind us to keep our hearts turned to you, God, that we may focus rightly. 

We pray for those whose problems concern us, and you, in this season – those far away, perhaps, whose pressing needs we may know only by report, although their needs are surely known and felt by you.  So show us how we can be your compassionate hands and heart in troubled places.  And we pray for those near and dear to us.  We thank you for people with whom our innermost thoughts and hopes may be shared; we thank you for places where commitments and resolutions for good may be undertaken with others; where support and sympathy is offered to uplift and sustain.  We are grateful for everyone everywhere who shares in such spiritual kinship with us. 

And we are especially grateful for your Son, whose kinship with us was offered without condition and without limit.  Urge us to attend most closely to his voice in this season.  Help us listen for invitations to let his spirit grow and flourish in us, making every day Christmas.  We pray as your grateful people, saying together the words Jesus taught us to say when we pray … The Lord’s Prayer.