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Prayers of the People September 8, 2019

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Based on Acts 28:1-3. 5-10 

We thank you, God, for the numberless gifts of our lives.  Open our minds and hearts to you, so that in difficult times we might be less prone to worry or despair – and more likely to trust patiently and hopefully that new beginnings are yet possible for us, because you never abandon us or leave us comfortless.  Help us witness all the ways your spirit reliably enters our world and our lives to make all things new.  Let us find peace in that recognition.  

And we pray today for such recognition of you, and such sustaining peace, wherever there is loneliness, wherever there is hardship, wherever there is pain, wherever there is grief, wherever there is disillusionment.  May your spirit enter in.  Solutions to life’s challenges and losses may not come easily and quickly, but let all in need learn to rely upon your spirit, O God, for the unexpected resolution, or the unanticipated alternative plan, or the surprising gift of grace. 

We pray especially today for the people pf the Bahamas and all the others who have been wounded by the fury of Hurricane Dorian.  Let them find hope in you and strength in the caring outreach which will be offered by dedicated and compassionate people.  Spur us, we pray, to bring our kindness, our courage, our empathy, our generosity to the resolution of this crisis.

In fact, spur us again and again to be Christ’s hands and feet, wherever we may find ourselves capable of acting on his behalf.  Direct us toward our next roles and responsibilities, God.  If we are to welcome the stranger, let us throw wide the door.  If we are to heal the broken, let us employ every skill we know to speed a cure.  If we are to forgive an injury, let us set aside our pride and release the anger or bitterness we harbor.  If we are to give of ourselves, as our Christ gave so freely, then direct us in what we may offer and where we are most needed.  We pray the love from Christ to us may flow on and on, that the circle may ever be unbroken and our lives may move to the beat and rhythm of Christ’s heart of welcome and all-embracing love.  We pray now in his memory and in his own words, as we say together … The Lord’s Prayer.

Prayers of the People September 1, 2019

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Matthew 14:22-33

God of all creation, we give you thanks for the healing, hopeful gifts of this table.  You give to us in abundance and your gifts grant us a security we so often take for granted.  Yet today we are reminded about what we so readily forget – that for many, the simple structure of life – its weather, its water, its safety, it resources – is precarious.  We pray today for all those who scramble and strain daily, in their environments, just to assemble life’s necessities for themselves and their families.  We pray for the shooting victims in Texas and for their worried or grieving families.

Today we pray with special awareness that as the hurricane passes, there may be many who are left to face upheaval and devastation.  For those who will face damaged property, ravaged hopes, tarnished dreams, we pray for restoration.  

And if we, ourselves, must face losses, ever-vigilant God, teach us that your sacred presence, here today, is always among us, even when we least suspect it and our destiny seems least clear.  Strengthen our trust in you and our devotion to you.  If we still find ourselves storm-tossed and afraid, let us envision you with us, remaining calmly beside us through the turmoil.  And let us recall the words of Christ: “Peace!  Be still!  Why are you afraid?”  Let these words echo in our hearts and minds, let them sound above the roar of the storm, and let them nudge us to reach out for support from others, and from you. 

Then, with our strength renewed, may we reach out to others who are yet caught in the storm.  We pray for the grace to share your love and concern, letting it pass from neighbor to neighbor to neighbor, encouraging stability and healing to begin.  Then, when windswept trees finally bud and re-green, may we acknowledge that our hopes, too, sprout and bloom anew when we trust that the future holds new promise in the security you grant us. 

We pray all these things today in the name of the One who calms the storms with a word.  We pray in the memory of the One who calls to us saying, “Be not afraid.”  We pray in wonderment of the One whom even the wind and the sea humbly obey.  We pray in gratitude to the One who tells us we shall never walk alone.  We pray as disciples who echo the prayer of our Christ, as we sing his words of prayer together… the Lord’s Prayer… Amen.

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