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Prayers of the People December 9, 2018

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Advent II, Year C, Luke 3:1-6

Thank you, Eternal One, for every way you grant to us to offer you praise and thanksgiving.  Thank you for quiet moments of reflection on your goodness, thank you for chances to sing together, worship together, share in your spirit’s presence together, and wait together for the coming of your Son. Receive our offering today as a token of our deep gratitude for these opportunities and for every other gift you give to us – especially the gift of your Son. 

As we recall the prophets’ assurance across the ages of your enduring concern for us and care for us, we dare to glimpse the future, and even to witness the plans you hold for our world as they start to unfold.  We who face challenges at every step, begin to recognize the holy possibility that at the coming of your Son, indeed, we might live content.  For, he is ever-ready to lead us like a shepherd, through whatever isolated or lonely wilderness we inhabit.  So help us make ready for him.  If there are roads to be made straight, mountains to be made passable, rough places to be made smooth, help us step up and acknowledge our opportunity to make everything ready for his coming.  Remind us that none who seek him will be kept away.  Despite the tolls life has exacted from us, we will know harmony, plenty, peace, and boundless hope.  Your prophet, Isaiah, foretold such a future, God.  Your prophet, John, announced that it was imminent.  So let us prepare the way for the coming of the One the world most longs for and most needs. 

As the weeks march on toward Christmas, keep us expectant and watchful for the signs of Christ’s coming.  Let us witness the tender shoots of fresh life arise in our midst with his birth.  Show us again that all things worthy and wondrous share an eternal nature, and as your Son showed us, are undying.  So point us toward what is lastingly good.  Turn us toward Bethlehem and the birth there that has the capacity to make every life eternally new.  We pray in readiness to accept the responsibility of being your people.  We will prepare the way of his coming to us.  Hear us as we say together the words of confident prayer he taught us … The Lord’s Prayer.

Prayers of the People December 2, 2018

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Based on Micah 5:2-5a and Matthew 24:30-37

Eternal God, a season of wonder and watching and waiting is upon us.  As we wait for the fulfillment of the great hope of your Son’s coming, God, help us to prepare a fitting place in our lives for Him.  Let us consider what we may give of ourselves and what we make of ourselves.  Let our giving be guided by the pattern you offered – simple, humble, self-giving.  And let us now and always aspire to shape ourselves into followers worthy of your son, our Messiah.  Help us as we strive to demonstrate the pattern of faithfulness which he did – through lives marked by generosity, integrity, kindness, and hope.   

In this season of Advent waiting, O God, a holy and expectant season, teach us to trust in your timing.  Help us to see as we wait in this season, and as we, and so many others, wait through all the successive seasons of life, that you stand near to sustain us and uphold us, day by day.  Through challenges and difficulties, joys and blessings, You are never far from your people, God.  You are a giver of gifts – good gifts both large and small.  We give you thanks for these - and especially the gift of hope that Christ is ever near.  

We have savored his presence here among us in bread and cup today – and we still look with wonder toward the day of his birth, for his presence then will be as real to us as a newborn’s cry, and as tender as a new mother’s tears of joy.  We pray as those who wait with sure and certain faithfulness.  And we use now the very words of Your Son, as we sing together…(Sung Lord’s Prayer)


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