New members are gladly received. As at our founding on 1924, there is no test of faith which is required for membership. In joining Community Church, each new member joins the congregation in reading and subscribing to the following Membership Covenant:

“In the presence of God and these witnesses,
We give ourselves unreservedly to God’s service,
And take this to be our church.
Ever mindful of the welfare of our fellow members,
We promise to walk with them
In Christian faithfulness and love.
We further promise that so far as we are able;
We will attend the services of the church regularly,
Observe its rights and sacraments,
And share in its work;
Accept positions of leadership, service, and duty
Within the range of our talents,
And the needs of the church;
Support the church’s expenses
And benevolences regularly
As stewards of God’s blessings;
Teach and cherish,
In accordance with the precepts of this church,
Any children whose nurture and training
May come within our responsibility;
Endeavor in every way,
To make this fellowship a fruitful Body of Christ,
A genuine church family.”


We receive new members by one of these means:

  • Letter of Transfer – for those transferring their active membership from another congregation
  • Confession of Faith – for those new to the Christian faith
  • Reaffirmation of Faith – for those rejoining the Church after an absence

Two categories of membership exist:

  1. Regular Members – who claim membership only in Community Church
  2. Associate Members – who maintain membership in another Christian church as well as Community Church

No distinction exists between Regular Members and Associate Members in terms of serving in leadership roles within the church, voting at church meetings, or teaching, serving, supporting, or growing as a member of this church community.

We sincerely hope you will join us in faith and fellowship at Community Church of Vero Beach.

Fill out the form below to be contacted when we have our next new member class. We're very excited that you are interested in joining us!

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