The sacrament of baptism is God’s gift to us. It is the means by which we become part of God’s family in a formal way. The sacrament of baptism is a visible sign of an invisible event. In baptism we begin the process of becoming followers of Christ as we are grafted into the body of Christ – the church. We are branded by the Holy Spirit and claimed by God’s grace. Even though the individual may drift from the church, that mark of the God’s Holy Spirit is on them, and hopefully will draw them back to the church. At Community Church we baptize all ages – from infants through adults. For infants and young children the parents make the promises on behalf of their child. Then, as a teenager the child makes those promises for his or herself when he or she is confirmed.

We celebrate the sacrament on a monthly basis – usually the third Sunday of the month. Families desiring baptism should contact the office and set up an appointment.

Baptism Information Form