Spiritual Formation

The School of Christian Living is a transformational program grounded in the essential elements necessary to live as “followers of the way” – the way of Christ. The intention of this program is to help all who desire to deepen their experience of the reality of Jesus, and the truths he taught. It is holistic, experiential and based on the reality that when a person encounters the mystery of God in their lives they are transformed and become instruments of God’s transformational power in the world in which they live. Those who participate in this spiritual journey will do so in a community of others who seek to live as authentic and mature Christians.

The School of Christian Living is a year-long experience compromised of 5 elements.  These core elements will be shared in several classes taught at different times throughout the year.

To truly receive the impact of this program it is recommended that a person sign up for all elements and complete them in one year, along with companions that do the same thing. However, it is understood that this may not be possible for everyone.  Therefore, you may sign up for one element at a time until all 5 elements are completed over a few years.

Elaine Matthes, Ministry Associate at The Community Church of Vero Beach, is the coordinator of this program. She will facilitate many of the classes along with other ministerial staff members at The Community Church and special guest speakers.

To learn more about the upcoming classes and learn more about the School of Christian Living please follow this link.

To register for one or all of the classes please contact Elaine Matthes at 772-469-2309 or   or Suzanne Rice at 772-469-2303 or  .

Annual Retreats


Male in a Whale

Our Gathering This Year Will Use Jonah’s Story From The Old Testament. We will use this story as a conversation partner to explore questions like: 

  • Are you caught in a storm?
  • What is making waves in your life? 
  • What does it mean to love your enemies in today's polarized culture?

On this retreat, Men can expect:

  • A chance to discover a dynamic parallel between our lives and the powerful message conveyed in the words found in the story of Jonah. 
  • An opportunity to share and participate in open discussions and conversations.
  • Fellowship, prayer, worship with good food and lots of laughter. 
  • Chances to meet other men in our church and local community along with opportunities to develop new friendships. 

Location: Our Lady of Florida Spiritual Center, North Palm Beach, FL

DateThursday January 31 at 4 PM to Friday February 1 at 3 PM

Questions: Call Dave Mrotek at 203-829-4254


"Beyond Thoughts and Prayers!"

November 9 & 10, 2018

Rev. Jan Hoffman will lead us on this journey of prayer, faith and action. Jan is a recently retired minister in the Reformed Church in America. She and her husband Craig have spent time with our congregation while on vacation. You may have seen them singing in our choir.

Questions: Call Elaine Matthes at 772-469-2309

Print out the form here to sign up!



Elaine Matthes

Ministry Associate for Spiritual Formationoffice: (772) 469-2309

Suzanne Rice

Administrative Assistant for Pastoral Care, Education, Adult Ministries, and Musicoffice: (772) 469-2303