Previously Featured Artists

Nathaniel DeBoer

February-July 2018, Nathaniel DeBoer was our first featured artist. Nathaniel was born and raised in Rochester, MN. From a young age his formal training with music and interest with film gave him an outlet to hone his abilities in the creative arts. He earned multiple college degrees in music and business. Nate pursued an emphasis in visual arts and music to create multi-media productions. He played an essential role in the nation’s first Symphonic Vision orchestral performances under the direction of Kevin Dobbe in 2013. DeBoer’s film projects have received numerous awards and recognition from multiple festivals. He has released five studio albums and operates a small A/V production studio since 2011.

“The goal of my work is to instill this same inspired connected tranquility in the viewer. I want each photo to motivate others to experience the moment, enjoy its peace, and to be encouraged to find time to connect with God, nature, and witness it’s tranquility first hand.”

Kirsten Kowalski

From July until September 2018 our gallery featured the art of Kirsten Kowalski. Kirsten Kowalski graduated from Samford University in 1993 with a degree in Photojournalism. Her dream was to travel the world photographing and writing about far away places. After marrying her husband and deciding to raise a family, Kirsten restructured her dream to stay closer to home and focused instead on photographing the beauty right at home. Kirsten owned and operated a successful portrait studio in Alpharetta, Georgia for ten years where she focused on photography of women and high school senior portraits.

In 2014 Kirsten and her family relocated to Vero Beach, Florida where she continued her portrait photography business. After moving to the barrier island, Kirsten found herself spending a large portion of each day at the beach and she fell in love with the beauty of the ocean and sky, particularly during sunrise and sunset hours. The transition to photographing landscapes and seascapes happened naturally. Kirsten joined Tiger Lily Art Studios and Gallery in 2017 where she currently shows her art work.

STYLE: Kirsten’s style as a landscape photographer is soft and natural, while showcasing nature’s incredible brilliance. She uses various settings and techniques, such as long exposure and panning to create movement and find hidden light and colors. Her love of the ocean is apparent in her work and living in Vero Beach offers her daily opportunities to capture the magic of the area. While she travels frequently and offers her clients images from places as far away as Greece and Africa, the majority of Kirsten’s portfolio is from right here in Vero Beach.

TECHNIQUE: Kirsten shoots in RAW format using her Nikon D800 or Nikon D3 and a wide variety of lenses. She develops her images using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, using skills she mastered as a film photographer working in a darkroom along with knowledge gained by attending workshops and seminars. Kirsten offers prints of her work in a variety of sizes, printed on metal, canvas, glass and fine art photographic papers.

J. Scott Kelly

From September 2018 - February 2019 - Since 1985, full-time professional photographer, J. Scott Kelly has had the privilege of traveling the world, capturing inspired images and priceless memories for his clients. A native Floridian, Scott grew up on the beaches of South Florida, where he was able to master his photography skills taking advantage of the abundant tropical scenery and warm climate.

After years of apprenticeship and study, and after graduating from ‘Florida Institute of Technology in 1985 with an honors degree in Photographic Technology, he established the very successful Island Images Professional Photography Studio. Since that time, he has provided his commercial, wedding and portrait clients with creativity, quality and service. It has been with those clients that Scott has been commissioned to travel all over the United Sates, as well as to Greece, Finland, China, Curacao, Grand Cayman, Costa Rica, Mexico and The Bahamas, photographing their corporate events, weddings, and portraits. In his travels, Scott has also had many opportunities to take ‘the road less traveled’ in other to capture not only the beautiful unspoiled scenic vistas, but also the essence of the people and culture, resulting in award-winning images.

Scott’s dedication to giving his clients the best no matter what it takes, continues to motivate him. In addition, for the past 7 years Scott has been the north area representative for the Florida Camera Club Council and is passionate about sharing his knowledge of photography with photo enthusiasts through various levels of photographic workshops and photo walks. “Helping people discover their own talent, style and potential is very rewarding.” Scott is also the owner of Island Images/Gallery of Hope, a contemporary photographic art gallery dedicated to photographic education, as well as the exposure of emerging and established local, national and international photographic artists and their works.

Combining his love of travel, his extensive photographic experience, as well as his sense of adventure, Scott is eager to share his knowledge with others who share the same passion. More than just another photographer with a camera and an eagerness to travel – he has the care and commitment to help you obtain great photographs and a travel experience you won’t soon forget. Scott’s creative eye and exceptional talent has made him one of the area’s most sought after professional photographers.

Michael Kemp 

From February to July 2019 - Michael Kemp has a Masters of Fine Arts in Printmaking and graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Florida, Gainesville Florida. In 2011 his prints and drawings were included in the Anhinga publication “Derelict Tributaries”, a book of poems by the poet Lawrence Hetrick. Working in a professional etching studio built into the uplands of Simonton Ranch near Micanopy Florida, Michael produces etchings from the center of the landscape. Using basic materials and methods, all prints are hand printed by the artist from metal plates made by the artist working directly from the landscape or from drawings of the landscape made by the artist. Michael has been working in the Alachua and Marion County landscape for 40 years. He is owner and operator of the Harmless Pleasures Printmakers Studio in McIntosh Florida located in the Icehouse Studios Complex.

“I would like to do Cezanne all over again from nature.” Direct study from nature using deliberate and thoughtful lines are the touchstones of my work in landscape and still life. I work directly on the plate or painting, sur le motif, as much as possible using an accumulative observational technique.

Nick Thomas

From July to October 2019. Nick is a Vero Beach native, and a graduate of St. Helen’s School and Vero High. He left Vero in 1980 to pursue a career in Law and Writing. Back in Vero since 2005, Nick has published two books (a novel and a memoir), and he is the creator of the word game DNOTE.

Nick shares, “I waited a long time to start drawing seriously. I’ve never understood why people create art without much to offer in terms of insight or context. I didn’t want to be that person. My portraits are a direct offshoot from my writing. I sit in the same chair using the same tools — paper and pencil. And I dwell on the same human details, the same persistant questions — who, what, where, when and why.

Technique was the last piece of the puzzle, and I taught myself to draw and paint with the aid of You Tube and hundreds and hundreds of wastebasket deposits. I use Arches 140 pound hot press paper, a .05 mechanical pencil, a pointed Number 6 brush, and pro-grade watercolors.” His website may be found at