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Music & Fine Arts

Music and the fine arts are at the core of Community Church’s celebration of God and its spiritual life. Both reflect the order, beauty and diversity of God’s creation. Praising God through music and art is one of our most popular and celebrated forms of ministry at Community Church.

Different voices, instruments, musical styles and arrangements are blended by our staff, volunteer and professional choirs, musicians into a vital, living, and unified reflection of God’s work.

Music and art confirms that the gospel is as relevant today as it was centuries ago. Old and new Hymns tell the biblical story and teach the nature of God from other cultures, languages and eras.

Community Church Chancel Choir

Community Church Chancel Choir sings a wide variety of traditional and contemporary religious music and performs major choral works with the orchestra several times a year. Members of the choir may choose which service they would like to participate in or may sing at all the services. There is no audition to be in the Chancel Choir. All are welcome to come sing! For more information and to sign up, please click here.

Chapel Choir

The Chapel Choir is an extension of our Chancel Choir. Choir members may choose to sing for anyone or as many of the services as they would like. Chancel Choir members have the option of singing for Sunday morning worship service in Grace Chapel.

Section Leaders

Section leaders encourage a sense of community, congeniality, and professionalism within the music ministry family and congregation. They are responsible for attending all scheduled rehearsals for Chancel Choir during the normal choir year and attend all worship services where the chancel choir serves including special performances and services during the Liturgical year. Section leaders are often selected to sing solos during “season” and participate in worship as small ensembles or solos during the summer months.

Applicants should be individuals who are currently pursuing or have already obtained a Music Degree, possess strong musical ability, and vocal training.

Interested applicants should submit a resume to the Music and Fine Arts Ministry to schedule an interview and audition.

Community Ringers

The Community Ringers are open to adult ringers and participate regularly in worship services. Please contact Rachel Murphy if you are interested in ringing with us!

Tapestry Brass
Tapestry Brass is dedicated to performing brass chamber music at the highest level of excellence. Tapestry Brass is a five-piece chamber music ensemble with unique stewardship. This professional brass quintet seeks to bring glory to God while focusing their musical gifts toward worship with an energetic spirit, superb tone, and a broad repertoire. The quintet strives to demonstrate the spiritual inspiration of composers and arrangers of sacred music by offering the finest brass music at services of worship, weddings, concerts and community festivals, conventions, and other occasions.
Friends of the Music and Fine Arts Ministry

Here we lift up the fact that we are community collaborators in music and the arts with a number of community organizations. We thank them for joining together in a common commitment to support all endeavors in music and the arts throughout Indian River County.

We are excited to share our 2022/2023 Music and Fine Arts offerings with you! It is sure to be an amazing season. Click the button below to download a copy of our 32-page booklet.

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Our Lively-Fulcher Organ

Click here to download a booklet about our amazing Lively-Fulcher Organ.

Pictures of Our Organ

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