Missions & Outreach

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Jesus spent his short time on earth feeding those who were hungry, healing the sick, and welcoming those that society had cast aside. And he said that any who considered themselves to be his followers ought to do the same. He taught that a life worth living was a life lived for the sake of others. We at Community Church recognize that we are connected to all of God’s children and want all people to know that God loves us all more than we can imagine.

At Community Church, our Missions program:

  • Offers opportunities to participate with local agencies to improve the lives of people in Indian River County.
  • Offers mission experiences in which we can learn from and work with people in different cultures in order to build relationships across racial, ethnic, and socio-economic boundaries.
  • Supports more than 30 agencies in our community that serve families and children that live on the margins of society.
  • Welcomes and hosts local agencies that use our facility in order to carry out their mission.

Community Church takes pride in the many ways that we are connected to our community and the world, by partnering with people and agencies who are doing extraordinary things to make our world a more just and caring place.

  • A couple of guys named Phil head out to a Habitat for Humanity house and put in electrical wiring so that a family can have a stable home base on which to build their life.
  • Robi and Sandy prepare and serve food at the Source, where homeless people get a meal and discover that they are not invisible or unimportant.
  • Pat traveled to Haiti where she helped children learn English so that they could grow up and make a new life for themselves.
  • Bill tutors and mentors teenage boys so that they can graduate, and more importantly, learn that they have potential.
  • A teenager, Morgan, traveled with her youth group to North Dakota, where she helped the Native Americans of the Spirit Lake Nation build better lives for themselves.
  • Cathy partners with Antoine, to coach young people from the Gifford community in basketball, as well as schoolwork, and life.

Get involved with Community Church Missions

Community Church is connected to our community and to our world. To find out more about ways we are serving Christ in our community, stop by the missions table after worship or contact Rev. David Johnson at (772) 469-2355 or send an email to him.

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Community Outreach

Community Church has a long and outstanding tradition of community outreach in Indian River County and beyond, and Community Church was instrumental in the founding of a number of local organizations committed to helping those in need.

Community Church partners with nearly 30 local agencies in addressing the needs of hunger, homelessness, housing, education, clothing, emergency shelter, emergency food, emergency financial assistance, healthcare, mental health, counseling, childcare, employment, mentoring, family needs, disaster response, and other needs.


Please contact Suzanne Rice at    (772) 469-2303 for more information.



Rev. David W. Johnson

Minister for Mission & Educationoffice: (772) 469-2355

Suzanne Rice

Administrative Assistant for Pastoral Care and Missionoffice: (772) 469-2303