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Adult Ministry

Adult Ministry

Adult Ministry

Congregational churches have always believed that people should learn as much as they can about our world and God’s place in it. We at Community Church believe that knowledge is not the enemy of faith, but rather that a curious mind can’t help but wonder and marvel at the beauty of our world and our place in it. We value questions as much or more than answers because questions invite us to keep on exploring. We recognize that all of life is spiritual and that there is no clear boundary between the sacred and secular. With that in mind, we invite anyone with a curious mind and a desire to learn to participate in our educational opportunities.

Bible Studies

Two different Bible Study groups gather during the course of a week to deepen our understanding of the Scriptures as we view them through current scholarship, share our insights, and support each other as we attempt to live it out in the context of our own lives. More information on Men's Bible Study can be found here and more information on Women's Bible Study can be found here.

Opportunities To Serve

We have a lot of ways you can be the Church. Check out the page below with opportunities for the whole family--from ushers to acolytes. 

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We are offering a Book Study especially for parents this fall! Join us as we learn five simple, practical skills even the most harried parent can use, based on the book Listen by Patty Wipfler and Tosha Schore. Listen introduces tools that will help parents strengthen their connection with their child and help build their child's intelligence, cooperation, and ability to learn as they grow. Beginning Wednesday, October 5 @ 5:30-7pm, parents will meet with Char Higgins in The Loft for this 6-week class. Child-care, including a pizza dinner, will be provided. Please contact to register for this helpful parenting book study!

Mark your calendars for March 10-11, 2023 for 70 x 7:  Forgiven & Forgiving”. For many of us, forgiveness is one of the hardest gifts to receive and one of the hardest gifts to give. Over the course of our time together, we will explain what it means to be forgiven, who forgiveness is for, and the interplay between forgiveness and memory. In a world where women juggle so much, how do we live as forgiven and forgiving people - who do not also apologize for the space we occupy?

Our retreat leader, Rev. Whitney Fauntleroy, serves Westminster Presbyterian Church in Arlington, VA as Associate Pastor for Youth and Young Adults. Whitney grew up in Raleigh, NC, and graduated from the University of North Carolina Wilmington. Whitney has served churches in Chapel Hill and Wilmington. If she wasn't a pastor, she would love to select transition music for NPR. She loves the city of New Orleans, Moana, and karaoke.