Adult Ministry

An updated list of 2019 Community @ Community programs is available by clicking here.

Adult Education

Congregational churches have always believed that people should learn as much as they can about our world and God’s place in it. We at Community Church believe that knowledge is not the enemy of faith, but rather that a curious mind can’t help but wonder and marvel at the beauty of our world and our place in it. We value questions as much or more than answers because questions invite us to keep on exploring. We recognize that all of life is spiritual and that there is no clear boundary between the sacred and secular. With that in mind, we invite anyone with a curious mind and a desire to learn to participate in our educational opportunities.

  • Five different Bible Study groups gather during the course of a week to deepen our understanding of the Scriptures as we view them through current scholarship, share our insights, and support each other as we attempt to live it out.
  • Wednesday evenings serve as our “Midweek Connection.” We share a meal, engage a topic through lecture, film, or interview, and then spend time discussing ways that we might think and live in new ways.
  • Each year our Ella Dodd Distinguished Lecture Series invites a nationally recognized scholar or author to open our minds and hearts to new ways of understanding our faith.



Community@Community meets on Wednesday evenings from 6-7 p.m. in Community Hall to engage relevant topics through lecture, film, or interview, and then discuss ways to think and live in new ways as Christ’s people in the world. These sessions are open to the public, and no registration is necessary. NOTE THAT DINNER WILL NOT BE SERVED THIS FALL.

An updated list of 2019 programs is available by clicking here.

Bible Studies
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Caring and Sharing

The Caring and Sharing group begins a new season on Tuesday, October 8.  Formerly a Bereavement Support group, this wonderful gathering has evolved into lively discussions about the joys and challenges of aging.  Refreshments begin at 10:30, and discussion at 11:00 in Room 113.

Annual “Ella Dodd Distinguished Lecture Series”

Annually, Community Church invites a nationally recognized scholar or author to discover new ways of understanding our faith.

in 2019, we are honored to have Dr. John Dominic Crossan as our speaker on February 27. 

 Other resources

Click here to visit Community Peace and Justice - from a Faith Perspective which we have addressed on Wednesday Nights at Community at Community

Get involved with Community Church Adult Education. Contact Rev. David Johnson at 772-469-2355 or .

Annual Retreats


Feb 6 and Feb 7
Our Lady of Florida Retreat Center
This year the Men’s retreat will use the disciple, Peter, to help us talk about our lives. In many ways Peter is a man’s man--fisherman, decisive leader, outspoken alpha male. He fits many of the stereotypes of what it means to be a man, from Jesus’s day to ours. But the one called “The Rock” was also a fragile stone. His fears, betrayals and questions also sound familiar to us in 2020.




"What’s Love Got To Do With It?"

Women of the church, joined us for our fall retreat on Friday, November 15th and Saturday, November 16th. They focused on “What’s Love Got To Do With It?” We started with a movie Friday night that led us into Saturday’s discussion on the importance of responding in love to all that happens in our lives. Love has EVERYTHING to do with it! So come learn how to express love in our church, our community, our nation and our world. Led by Elizabeth Johnson and Elaine Matthes.

Questions: Call Elaine Matthes at 772-469-2309



Rev. David W. Johnson

Minister for Mission & Educationoffice: (772) 469-2355

Suzanne Rice

Administrative Assistant for Pastoral Care, Education, Adult Ministries, and Musicoffice: (772) 469-2303

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