Keeping You Safe

Community Church of Vero Beach Phase 1 Re-Opening Protocols: June 7, Summer, 2020

We share with all faith communities an opportunity to show the love of Christ and to be a good neighbor during this pandemic by how we re- gather face to face. As we begin to open our church campus for worship and ministry, we will also continue to provide worship on-line.

When you choose to return to church, we invite you to voluntarily adhere to the following loving guidelines to help protect the health of our communities.

Worship in the Sanctuary 10:15
  • One (1) vacant pew between every pew in use (that gives us six feet)
  • New foot traffic entrance pattern to facilitate distancing
  • Foot traffic flow one way entering and leaving the sanctuary
  • Individuals and family groups six feet apart, pre-measured and taped
  • Masks required for anyone over the age of 12 – a mask will be provided if you don’t own one
  • Communion by Deacon service between rows, no tray passing
  • Offering in boxes at each door, no plate passing
  • Sanctuary seating limited to 25% of
  • Overflow seating available in Commotion, chairs distanced
  • Hymn singing by soloist
  • Passing of the peace, hands in prayer, bow
  • Bulletins passed by ushers who will wear masks and white cotton gloves.
  • Hand sanitizers at every entrance
  • Greetings outside the church in courtyard at distance, masked
  • Coffee hour postponed until further notice
  • Pews and seats will be sprayed before and between services with an anti-viral/anti-bacterial solution to prevent spread by touching surfaces

Those who need to drop things in the office or speak to staff will be able to step into the office and speak past a partition, no pass-through traffic from staff or guests to protect the office staff. Staff will return to work May 18, 2020

Groups Meeting on Campus

Board meetings, Bible studies and other small groups may meet on campus with ten or less participants by scheduling room 113 or upstairs in the education building, where conference calling is available. Or meetings may continue through Zoom.


Community Church of Vero Beach has developed these protocols that are primarily consistent at this time with guidelines established by the CDC and Governor of Florida. Community Church of Vero Beach strongly encourages

all members and friends to regularly check CDC guidelines for updated recommendations, understanding that you will make decisions about whether to worship with us in person or virtually depending on a number of factors.

We encourage you to continue to worship on-line if you are in a vulnerable population or discern that pre-existing medical conditions may increase your vulnerability to illness. As always, if you are experience symptoms or feel ill, please continue to enjoy worship with us on-line. Our priority is to support your decision to stay safe and remain well, understanding that only you can determine what worship decision is best for you.