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We welcome into full membership and participation in all aspects of our church life, persons of every race, language, national origin, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, physical or mental ability, economic or marital status and faith background, and we officiate and celebrate all loving and committed relationships.

Since 1924 the Community Church has welcomed worshipers and followed the way of Jesus Christ. Our powerful calling of 1924 -- “there is more that binds us together than separates us in the worship of God.” -- applies today.

Christian Unity

As Christ prayed “that they may all be one” John 17:21, so we work to heal divisions in the Body of Christ. Regardless of the labels society may place upon us, all are welcomed into fellowship. The unity we seek in church membership is a gift of God, undergirded by love of our fellow members and of God. We accept the historic understanding of Christian fellowship which states: In essentials unity, in non-essentials diversity, in all things love.

Doctrinal Freedom

We value the historic creeds of the church, but do not demand specific expressions of acceptance of these creeds. We acknowledge our responsibility for rethinking, claiming, and bearing witness to our beliefs as God’s word continues to unfold among us.

Authority of Scriptures

The Bible is our ultimate rule of faith and practice. It is our primary source for understanding the good news we know through Christ. At Community Church we use the tools of modern biblical scholarship to seek more light and truth from the scriptures, which are a living witness to faith. We take the Bible seriously, approach the text eagerly, and seek to discern together the meaning of God’s message for our lives today.


We recognize two sacraments as instituted by Christ: baptism (through which we are joined in faith to Jesus Christ and welcomed into fellowship of the church) and Communion (the meal of broken bread and shared cup, taken in remembrance of Christ’s life, death, and resurrection, and with the promise of his return.)

Growth in Faith

With the freedom we claim in Christ comes the responsibility to continue to grow in faithfulness. We offer many opportunities for growth including: worship (in varied styles), Bible studies, Wednesday evening educational sessions, experiences of historic spiritual practices, small group fellowship, and national guest lecturers.

For the Modern Era

One long-time member suggested while commenting on our church, “the story which grounds our faith is 2000 years old, but our thinking is not.” On one hand, we use traditional liturgical symbols of our faith -- clerical robes, stoles, and seasonal cloths & hangings at the pulpit and communion table in our traditional services. On the other, our contemporary services use innovative and exciting media and music to give new meaning to the world around us. in the United Church of Christ, we are known as thinking people of faith, committed to strengthen our faith to transform the world.

Our many worship offerings meet in a 1100 seat traditional Sanctuary, a 160 seat modern Chapel, and  a newly remodeled  300 seat contemporary worship setting holding 8 giant HD screens and state of the art amplification. Our large campus includes a preschool, special areas for music and arts, and meeting spaces for study and community activities.

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As you can see, our church has a lot to offer. We're a bit different from other churches and if you're new, we encourage you to check out the 'I'm New' page, which has all sorts of detailed information on what it means in practice to be Community Church.

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This Is Community Church.

Our church practices extravagant hospitality, where all are invited to God's table. We create a safe space for hard questions, where all voices are welcomed, respected and heard. We reflect this diversity of expression through inspirational worship, music, and the arts. Following the Way of Jesus, we practice our faith through transformational mission. If you want to strengthen your faith and increase your compassion for all God’s people, come and see.

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