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Prayers of the People March 25, 2018

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Holy and redeeming God, with Christ we enter the gates of Jerusalem on this Palm Sunday, and begin to walk with him the way of the cross. We’ve brought our gifts of offering, as we’ve brought our waving palms and our hosannas.  Let us prove truer in our gift-giving and our praise than did Jesus’ followers of so long ago.

We pray for courage to be diligent and dedicated in our walk with Christ toward Calvary.  We recognize that Christ’s way may bring us deeply into the pain of the world. Christ’s way is not boldly triumphant, not always grand or powerful, but it has persuaded us, as it has millions before us, that it is the way to which we are called –and the way that leads most decisively and directly to your kingdom. 

We earnestly pray not to fall into temptation, as we follow Christ’s way.  May we be tempted neither by inflexible patterns that grant us no new perspectives and no new dreams – nor by expedient means and worldly-wise powers that seize the day but miss the motives of eternity.

We also dare today to ask for you to take from us the cup that demands more than we feel capable of giving.  Nevertheless, we remember that it is not our will but yours to be done – even when we feel strained by the effort, and incapable of following well, the way of Christ.

On this hard road ahead, may we not trade our love and commitment to Christ for a few pieces of silver, or trinkets of little worth.  May we not hide when we are recognized as Jesus’ followers.  May we not deny him when we are asked about our allegiance.  May we fulfill his bidding, even when the tasks before us seem trivial – for we have seen that he will use our every small and humble effort to build your kingdom.  Keep us walking the way with him until we are at the cross, where we may see again the light, feel the earthquake of holy renewal as the burdens of our hearts are rolled away like a stone, and find the promises of the ages have all come true for us.

We pray these things today in the memory of our Savior, who enters our world still, with humble, simple splendor.  Hear us as we pray now in his words, as we say together: … Lord’s Prayer.