Prayers of the People

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Prayers of the People January 21, 2018

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Based on Jonah, chapters 3-4

Please receive the gifts we have brought to our worship this morning, God, and see that they are used wisely and well – to further the best and most significant work of Christ’s church.  With your help, let us:

Share our prosperity, and lessen the pangs of poverty.

Comfort the grieving, and reorient the lost.

Restore confidence, and overcome despair.

Encourage cooperation, and diminish contention. 

Conquer cynicism, and reclaim your dreams for us.

Remember your call, and honor it with our commitment and loyalty.

We pray that you may teach us, and all your people everywhere, what is entailed in our role as your people.  And when we set out in service to you, let our motives be rightly focused.

If, like Jonah, we attempt to run and hide from the tasks you place before us, forgive our hard-headedness and our heard-heartedness.  Bring us back to you and ask us again to do that which we alone are capable of doing. 

If we secretly, like Jonah, harbor resentments, or think that maintaining divisions between ourselves and others is justified, or believe that you must disapprove of others, as we do – then remind us that you can love us fully, and also love others.  Show us how we are needed in caring for the others you love, and put us to work. 

If we are less forgiving than we should be, less caring, less involved, less hopeful, less helpful – then we ask that you intervene to wake us to your vision for our lives.  Focus us on all you hold to be possible, if we will work on your behalf.  Let us play our part, we pray, in bringing to reality your great dream for a realm on earth where Christ’s love indeed, reigns supreme. 

As followers of your Son, we would be his agents, his very body on this earth in this time and place.  So let us walk upon his path, speak with his words, serve with his hands, and love with his heart. 

And in those moments, O God, when we recognize our own limitations in accomplishing all that this world requires to become your shining realm of love and grace, then let us entrust the rest to you – for you are ultimately the healer, the giver, the sustainer, and the renewer on whom we all may faithfully rely. 

We pray all these things in Christ’s name today, using his very words, as we say together now… Lord’s Prayer.