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Prayers of the People February 4, 2018

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Based on Mark 1:29-34


God of all creation, how grateful we are for the gifts we find right here, at your table.  The bread and cup we’ve shared offer your presence and the assurance that we may trust in your provision for us, always.  

We pray today, merciful God, that your healing and consoling presence may be felt everywhere by all who are brokenhearted, disheartened, or in pain, or troubled by things that threaten to overwhelm, or weighed down by feelings of failure or loss.  Deliver, we pray, the impoverished from desperation, and alert the fortunate to the risk of becoming blinded by the limelight, and reach out to all those who have caught the viruses that attend our worlds’ current uncertainties.    

Healing God, show us when all the world appears feverish and out of sorts, that things are not what they seem, for you are ever near, to take us by the hand, and lift us to new health and wholeness.  Direct us now with new resolution toward new possibilities. 

Let us shine with Christ’s spirit, capable of seeing the prospects for transforming our world into your kingdom, and set us to work in realizing that vision, as we serve in Christ’s name.  Remind us that we are capable of being his agents of goodness – and that our service spreads his hope and his justice, even as it strengthens and ennobles us.  We do long to be not just the receivers of grace and goodness, but sharers of hopeful, healing gifts. 

Let us spread all you offer us, God, passing your gifts gladly from hand, to hand, to hand.  In our willing outreach, in our reliance upon you, O God, let us become ever more like our compassionate Messiah.  We pray in his memory now, and use his very words, as we sing his words together: The Lord’s Prayer