Prayers of the People

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Prayers of the People February 11, 2018

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Based on Exodus, Chapters 35 and 36

God we give you thanks for the gifts we receive from you each day, for we acknowledge that we are a blessed people.  Where some face violence, we live in relative peace. Where some have no home in which to lay their heads tonight, we are blessed with homes, friends, and full lives.  And where some struggle to find their next meal, we count on ample provisions every day.  We have received all these gifts, and so many more.  We have also received the gift which your followers across the millennia have treasured above all gifts – the gift of your transformative presence in our midst.  Let your holy presence fill us and sustain us for all that lies ahead for us, as a congregation devoted to you. 

As we journey together, make us neither rashly imprudent, nor overly cautious.  Do not let us adopt a perspective of scarcity, but one of abundance.  Do not allow fear or pessimism to alter our church’s mission to help feed the hungry, comfort the lost, tend the afflicted.  Do not allow us to shrink from the calling to build together a church community where all are welcome, where children can find a safe place to learn, and adults a haven to grow in grace, through sharing the spirit of your son, Christ. 

We will surely face challenges together, O God, yet through it all let us acknowledge your claim upon us.  Help us to trust, as generations before us here at Community Church trusted, that you will provide all we need for the tasks you place before us.  Give us courage, stamina, and faith to follow in your way today, and the willingness to offer our best in your service.  In fact, like your followers in Moses’ day, let us give to your service until reserves overflow, and all needs are met, and we must be restrained from giving any more.  Let us be a congregation gone wild with the joy of giving.

Then, O God, as your generous people, let us gather again very soon to enjoy all that we find here of you – all that replenishes us, unites us, empowers us, and offers us peace.  Hear us now as we say the words of prayer which your son’s followers have gratefully and faithfully said in his memory, for century after century.  The Lord’s Prayer.