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Pastoral Prayer - Novemebr 12, 2017

Based on Matthew 25:1-13- waiting

Receive our gifts this day, God, offered as gifts of hope and trust in your timing. Spread our gifts. Let all who wait for their dreams of something better to be realized, find they are sustained by what our gifts today will offer.

We understand the difficulty of waiting for the fulfillment of dreams, God. We wait, too. We wait for our biggest and boldest dreams to come true. We wait for an end to warfare that lays waste to nations. We wait for children’s empty stomachs to be filled and their hungers quelled. We wait for opportunities that will change desperate lives. We wait for discoveries that will heal the bodies and restore the futures of those who suffer. We wait.

And we wait for our own more personal dreams as well, God. You know our deepest hopes, even those we guard well and do not share. You know what awakens us at night and what quickens our pulse. You know what we fear and what we long for. We wait.

Help us to know, God, how to wait wisely, and not foolishly. Help us to be wise: to act where we can, to grow as we can, to give what we can, that the dreams we are capable of helping to fulfill will not wither for lack of our attention. But help us, too, to wisely recognize that when our capacity to bring about the good we envision has been exhausted, we can patiently trust in you. Let us retain our focus upon the hope that Christ’s followers have always sustained, the hope for your kingdom to come – for your reign of justice and righteousness, peace and plenty to come. Keep us waiting expectantly for that. Keep us looking for the Spirit of your Son to come near and cheer us, regardless of what else may take our attention and distract us.

As we wait for you to fulfill every promise to your people, God, let us prepare for our wait by storing up the spiritual resources we may need. Let us ensure we have filled our spiritual reservoir with forgiveness enough, hope enough, generosity enough, and faith enough to see us through – until the end of our waiting has come, and the dawn of a new and brighter day has come – and we find ourselves at last in the presence of your Son, our Christ.

We pray in his name and memory, with trust in your timing of all things – for our own lives and for the world you so love. Hear us as we say together now the words Jesus taught us to use when we pray together, The Lord’s Prayer.