Ministry at Time of Death

A primary way in which pastoral care is offered at Community Church is through ministering to families at the time of death of a loved one.

At the time of death, when a clergy person for the church has been contacted, if a funeral or memorial service of any kind is desired by the family, the clergy person involved should schedule a meeting at the church to plan the event. One of our Pastoral Care staff is present for the first several minutes of the meeting to provide the family with the “Ministry at Time of Death” booklet, to obtain information necessary for church records, the development of the memorial service worship bulletin, and to handle funeral reception details if requested.

Download Memorial Service Brochure

The Community Church Memorial Garden

Cremation is an acceptable way to return to the elements from which we came. The Memorial Garden provides the final resting place in hallowed ground for the cremains of those who have served God and this Church during their life on earth.

The concept of a garden-like place of repose on Church property for cremated remains of Community Church members was proposed by Rev. Don Frazier, advisor of the Board of Deacons.  Subsequently, the Memorial Garden was established by a vote of the congregation at the Annual Meeting on January 22, 1992. This concept is patterned after the historical "church graveyard". A Memorial Garden on Church property provides a beautiful and appropriate sanctuary where ashes can be placed for those who choose cremation.

The Memorial Garden is available for the final disposition of the cremains of members of our church and members of their immediate families. A bronze plaque is engraved with the name, birth and death date of the deceased and mounted on the Memorial Wall of the Garden, with a written record of such maintained in the Chapel.

For more information regarding The Community Church Memorial Garden, please contact the church office at (772) 562-3633.