Previously Featured Artists

Nathaniel DeBoer

February-July 2018, Nathaniel DeBoer was our first featured artist. Nathaniel was born and raised in Rochester, MN. From a young age his formal training with music and interest with film gave him an outlet to hone his abilities in the creative arts. He earned multiple college degrees in music and business. Nate pursued an emphasis in visual arts and music to create multi-media productions. He played an essential role in the nation’s first Symphonic Vision orchestral performances under the direction of Kevin Dobbe in 2013. DeBoer’s film projects have received numerous awards and recognition from multiple festivals. He has released five studio albums and operates a small A/V production studio since 2011.

“The goal of my work is to instill this same inspired connected tranquility in the viewer. I want each photo to motivate others to experience the moment, enjoy its peace, and to be encouraged to find time to connect with God, nature, and witness it’s tranquility first hand.”